Innovation Strategist

Bram Rolvink

Hi, I am Bram! 
I am passionate about bringing new ideas to life and enabling others to do the same.

Design & Innovation Strategist

Bram Rolvink

Hi, I am Bram! 
I am a passionate and driven innovation strategist. I advise executive clients on best practices for implementing innovation, help them to structure & de-risk the development process, and ultimately enable them to create new products, services, and business.

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Research on Startup Studios

For my thesis at RSM, I researched an upcoming form of business incubation, the so-called startup studio.

Design Cases

During my studies I did many interesting projects. A small selection of projects I am proud of are showcased below.  Please refer to my academic portfolio to see all my work.


Smart Home Design

Harmony explores new functionalities in the IoT home. A family of devices promotes social interactions and help users to collaboratively take care of the daily chores in the Smart Home.

Healthy Seating for the Elderly

Dementia Design Research

First-hand research unveiled the problematic sitting behavior of elderly suffering from dementia. By applying a research-through-design method an adaptive seating system was designed. An active & healthy sitting posture vitalizes physical and mental health.

Design Air Furniture

Research, Design & Production

Design furniture for a luxury event market. A new inflatable material provides interesting opportunities for combining compact transport with premium aesthetics. 

Creative Atmosphere

I believe that the best and most creative work is created when there is passion & fun at the heart of the project. It can make the most challenging tasks feel effortless. So what about a little music while reading on?


After my studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, where I developed a strong foundation in industrial product design, I decided to continue my studies with a master’s in industrial design.  After doing some electives in innovation management I decided to combine to two masters in a double degree. 


MSc Industrial Design

Eindhoven University of Technology

At Eindhoven University of Technology I deepen my knowledge & refine my expertise in the following topics:

• User-Centered IoT Design

• Design Thinking & Innovation

• Leadership & Entrepreneurship

• Research-Through-Design


External Affairs  Master Activity Committee at S.V.I.D Lucid

MSc Management of Innovation

Erasmus University Rotterdam

At Erasmus University Rotterdam I deepen my knowledge & refine my expertise in the following topics:

• Innovation Management

• Strategic Entrepreneurship


Program Manager  Student Founders Program at ECEstudents


I am a naturally curious person and have many interests. Here are a few things that interest me most in a business context.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Working in and managing multi-disciplinary teams.

Emerging Technology

Applying emerging technologies in a user-centered way.


Helping businesses spark innovation by design.

Innovation Through Design

Using design to solve complex problems in business.

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It is always nice to meet new people. 

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